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Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

It's like a Wendy's frosty - but healthy

You all should know by now how much I OBSESS over anything chocolate or peanut buttery. Well, this here is one of my all time favorite smoothies that combines those two yummy flavors AND offers so much nutritious value. This smoothie is my go-to after a nice workout, as it is packed with protein and essential vitamins for a speedy recovery and to aid in muscle building! Better yet, all you need are 5 ingredients and a blender.


2 scoops of chocolate flavored protein powder

I use Vital Performance - one scoop is 25g protein, it is lactose free, & has collagen (for the glowing skin and hair of course).

2 scoops of Peanut Butter

I use a peanut butter powder, PB FIT - one scoop has

8g of protein and it has 87% less fat than a traditional peanut butter).

1 Banana

Use a frozen banana for an extra creamy texture.

1 cup of milk

Whole milk, almond milk, whatever your preference!

1 hand full of ice

Maybe add a bit more if you are not using a frozen banana.

Add it all into a blender , blend until smooth, and ENJOY!

P.S - If you're in the market for an AMAZING blender, check these out:

  1. Ninja Nutri-Pro Personal Blender - it literally has over 29,000 5star reviews

  2. Ninja Professional Plus - if you are making smoothies for a group

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